The Houndstooth Experience

il_570xN.194491856A while back I purchased this Houndstooth Quilt Pattern from StudioCherie.  When I had seen it I just had to know how it went together – I just loved how it looked!

il_570xN.194491857 The pattern called for just two fabrics.  Now, if any of you know me or my work at all – that’s a pretty much impossible request of me.  Also, if you know me I like to use patterns as a ‘suggestion’ or a starting point.  So, instead of using just two fabrics I used LOTS of fabrics – hand-dyed fabrics for that matter.  Here’s what my Hounds tooth quilt turned itself into:

Houndstooth Quilt with Hand Dyed FabricAs you can see…same pattern – two completely different effects or looks.  Each are fabulous in their own way, reaching different audiences.  I think this is a perfect example on how two people can start at the same place and end in two way different ends.

The other reason I bought this quilt was because in the end you can make a really fun square block out of your ‘scraps’ from the houndstooth.


Which you can either piece as part of your quilt back (shown above) or use them as an inspiration/starting point for a second quilt (shown below).

Wonky Squares

Geometric Madness

In the end, all I can say is that I am so happy with what Studio Cherie’s pattern inspired me to create – not one, but two heirloom quilts!


  1. Hmmm, just saw a houndstooth on another blog this morning. I am with you on not just using two colors. And you were creative with your scraps! LOVE them both!

  2. Both of your quilts are just gorgeous, Kim!!


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