Iron Craft Challenge 1

ironcraft1When I first saw the Iron Craft Challenge I thought, “This would be cool but how in the world will I ever find the time for another thing?”  Well, a friend of mine kept on about it and so I checked out the first challenge.

I had a few thoughts in mind on what I could do but I decided that I’m not going to stress out about them – if it happens – fantastic.  Well, Cedi kept bothering me about making her ‘Pig’ that she got for Christmas.  I looked over the directions and saw that it was for 8+ (my daughter is 4)…great…  Well, it was using sculpey.  In the past, I’ve covered votives with sculpey to make some really neat candle holders.  Now it seemed as if fate was telling me that I had to make at least something for the first challenge.

005-2So, I got out the newspaper and set both of us up side by side.  I got Cedi started on her Pig and went to work on my votive.  004-2I even found my sculpey supplies relatively easily considering it has been years since I’ve last used it.

First…I want to show you the results of Cedi’s pig :) 

001 002 003    Pretty fantastic, huh?

And, here are the two votives I came up with for the “Lighting the Winter Gloom” Iron Craft Challenge.005-1 The first one is triangular and pretty standard all the way around.  006   009    The second one is more rectangular and I used a couple of different sculpey techniques on this one…013 014 015 016 017 Now, I need your help – which one of these should I submit for the challenge tomorrow?  The Triangle Votive?  Or the Rectangular Votive?


Thank you for your comments! I do my best to reply but life sometimes gets in the way. I do read and appreciate each and every comment!

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