Iron Craft Challenge #3 – Time to BUNT – A Valentine’s Bunting Necklace

I really thought the ‘Stay Warm’ Challenge #2 was really fun and inspiring – but with all the Project QUILTING craziness going on – it just didn’t happen for me. That didn’t stop me from going for the third challenge – Time to Bunt.

When I first saw the bunting challenge I thought that I should really make a bunting for my table at shows that says my shop name 'KimsCraftyApple'. I really wasn't feeling it though and kept putting it off and putting it off. I finally decided that I just wasn’t going to do it.

BUT then…last night, as I was driving my girls I thought...why not make a necklace with mini bunting that would be great for Valentine's Day! And so...that's what I made. This has inspired some other jewelry thoughts in my mind so we'll have to see what comes from this...040 I fussy cut out the hearts and the word ‘love’ from some fabric I had to make the triangles. A small piece of batting is sandwiched between the heart fabric and some red fabric I had. 041I then zigzag stitched around the boarders and sewed it to a red ribbon I had. Since fabric isn’t very ‘weighty’ I wanted to make sure it hung properly and so I wove the ribbon through some chunky silver chain I had to complete the necklace. 049 Here I am – modeling my new necklace (and taking a self-portrait).

Because of this challenge I wanted to share with you some fabulous bunting that I found on etsy!

bluemoonstudiosBirthday Part Banner Bunting in Red, Black and White Fabric Flags from BlueMoonStudios

LazyLightningArtLove Cards from LazyLightningArt

blockpartypressCelebration Necklace from BlockPartyPress

Primary challenge PC

AND one of the Project QUILTING entries this week – submitted by HeatherLairDesigns- was an adorable bunting fabric postcard that happened to go perfectly with the Iron Craft Challenge as well!

Keep an eye on the flickr site to see what other ‘Iron Crafters’ came up with for this inspiring challenge:

I also was inspired to create a treasury on etsy purely with bunting findings. Click HERE to check it out!

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  1. Fun necklace! Thanks so much for including mine in this post!


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