Orientation Advice!

Hi everyone!  I finished my piece for Project QUILTING but can’t decide which way should be ‘up’.  Please let me know which option you like best!

033Option 1.034 Option 2.  020Option 3. 035

Option 4.039 (2) Option 5.039  Option 6.

Thanks so much for your feedback!


  1. I like #3 best. It makes the little add-ons (are those bobbins?!?!) look light and airy and the grommet things look like they are acting natural with gravity.... kind of grounds its. The on point settings seem kind of static-y. But that's just me! btw, LOVE IT!

  2. Very lovely piece. I like #2 the best. But it's beautiful anyway.

  3. I like 1 best. Actually, I like 1 or 6 best because the buttons' moving up takes your eye up. They seem out of place moving down. I like 1, though, because it is the best orientation for everything to flow or blend together.

  4. I like 3 and #5 best! LOL I think which ever you choose will work just fine, they are all great!

  5. 6 for sure.

    LOL, I don't know how much help we are. We all differ.

  6. No idea Kim!! But I do like the squares better than on point.


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