PB&J Day

001 On Friday, the girls and I headed over to my friend Nicole’s and enjoyed some time with other mom’s (7 total) and lots of kid’s (12, in fact) for PB&J Day.

Here’s a little about PB&J Day from it’s facebook page:

PB & J (Play, Bond & Join) is a weekly play date for mamas and kiddos in the Madison, WI area. Once a week we plan a play date at either a park, splash pad, the zoo or someone's house. There is no structure or formalized agenda, everyone is invited and whoever can make it plays! Generally PB & J day is Friday but we are flexible and go with the flow so if Monday is feeling better we go with it. (Weather determines a lot too!)006 Here is Nichole’s youngest, Paceler, having a fantastic time in the balls!007 I was so impressed by how clean and organized Nicole’s house and play area was (at least before all the kids went through…) that I went home and cleaned and organized ours (it only took 6 hours or so…)

I hope with the New Year hear and the lack of apple season that we’re able to attend more of these days – we really had a lot of fun and it was great to get out of our house!

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