Project QUILTING Primary Color Winners – Public and Judges Choice

I think that I’ve started all of my Project QUILTING posts with ‘WOW’!  But, seriously, WOW!  I am completely blown away by all the participation from quilters and fans of quilters.  It’s really truly just amazing me. 

I’m here now to announce the first batch of winners – the Public and Judges Choice winners. 

We’ll start out with the Public Choice – and it was a close one.  Taking home 59 of the 303 votes cast – the winner is:


Sally of Sally’s Angelworks!

Congratulations Sally.  You will be receiving: 

$10 to FabricsNQuilts AND Designing Quilts is Easy by Wayne Kollinger from Uniquely Nancy

Moving on to the top 3 from the Judges. 

In third place with an average score of 8.77

It'll be Awesome quilting


Here’s what the Judges thought:

Judge 1: This piece is Awesome! Great job. Very original idea with the pillow. Love the story behind the quilt. Your workmanship and quilting are very good. I love seeing this.

I was just a little disappointed that the “It’ll be” got lost in some of the pictures. I don’t know if this happens with the actual pillow but it could have been a little more “stand out.”

Prairie Points are just right on this pillow. Your daughter will love it.

Judge 2: Beautiful graceful quilting, and crisp color. I especially like the embroidered lettering in grade school style, and the way you pieced your circles before cutting them.

Judge 3: The workmanship here is wonderful. Blanket stitching is beautifully done. Strip piecing adds another dimension to the circles. Prairie points DO add happiness to this project. Machine quilting is nice. My only suggestion is that the “It’ll be” doesn’t show up as well as I’d like to see. I realize part of that could be the difficulty of taking photos, especially this time of year. Do not take that as a cut on your photos. They are very nice and show the details we need.

Judge 4: This is a great concept, with nice relevance to your family and to the audience. It's an appropriate choice for the color scheme. Very nice design elements of the tabs, the 3-patch circles, and choices of typestyles. The stitch work on the lettering is excellent, as is the free-motion quilting.


In second place, with an average score of 8.9375:



Here’s what the judges had to say:

Judge 1: Welcome to Project Quilting. You are going to love it here and it is obvious you are going to be a great asset!

Your piece has the dimension you were looking forward and it is 3- D. Great job with the colors and adding the green and orange and the black in the center. The center really “floats” on the gray and your “no binding” finish helps accomplish this look.

Judge 2: Love your design, and the idea of the overlapping colors making a new color. The shadows add such great dimension. Good choice on turning the binding to the back too. It makes for a very clean finish.

Judge 3: You have very successfully achieved the 3-D effect and the overlap has great transparency. Definitely one of those quilts to look at from across the room. I think the binding really works well on this modern design. I’d have liked to see more quilting, particularly in the light gray background, where it would have camouflaged the seams.

Judge 4: This is a cool concept, and your choice of fabrics is well done. I like how the primary colors are patterns, and the merged colors are batiks. The scribbly black center is fun. The thread color choice enhances the challenge theme nicely. I like the choice of light and dark gray for the background and shadow, rather than using a stark white or black - it fits the concept of color blending better than high contrast would.


In first place, taking home the prize of

$10 toSpiceBerryCottageAND Pink Ribbon Quilts-Book- from Quilting Diva

with an average score of 8.9575…

challenge quilt


Here’s what the judges had to say:

Judge 1: I really like this piece. I can find the three challenge pieces of red, yellow and blue. This isn’t the case of all the pieces this week.

Very original with the trimming, adding of other pieces and the children in the windows is A+ original. This is one of my favorite pieces this week.

Judge 2: Primary = kids = fun in this quilt. I really enjoyed looking into each little window, and checking out all the details of lace and flowers you’ve added. This is one of those quilts you never get tired of looking at.

Judge 3: Very fun quilt. Great use of the kids print. Embellishments are wonderful. Only thing it’s missing is a really cute name.

Judge 4: This is such a cute and fun concept. I love the architecture, with the different roof lines and window shapes. The different things going on in each window is fun. The appliqué in the garden is a nice design touch, as are the lace elements. The finishing is well done with the piping and good choices of quilting motifs.


Congratulations to all of the public and judge winners this week!  Enjoy your prizes!


I’ll be posting later with the random drawn winner and the Public Comment winner. 


  1. The entries this week were so vibrant & beautiful. Congrats to all who submitted an entry and to those that walk away with prizes!

  2. Are we suppose to comment on the blog or on the facebook page. I am confused lol.

  3. Congrats to all the winners! I loved all the entries.


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