Project QUILTING Season 2 – Challenge 2 – What’s in a Name?

I'm delighted by the number and the quality of the entries for the first Challenge.  Judging is really difficult.  I haven't seen the critiques from the other judges, except those posted to the blog, but I know I've committed myself personally to including both positives and negatives in my comments.  Please don't be discouraged by any comments we made.  You're all doing a great job and will continue to develop as quilters if you take what we've said and look at your work differently because of it.  If you have any questions concerning any comments, email Kim and she'll have us clarify.  She's going to link to some tutorials and we'll write some for her if we can't find any that we like for the needed subjects.


For those of you just tuning in you can read more about Project Quilting Here:

This week’s PRIZES!

The winner of the JUDGES vote will receive $10 to FabricsNQuilts AND $15 to FabricFascination

The winner of the PUBLIC Choice will receive $10 to SpiceBerryCottage  AND A Set of 8 Art Quilt Postcards from HeatherLairDesigns

THREE randomly drawn participant will receive either a Pattern & Notecardsfrom Marcia's Crafty Sewing & Quilting OR Log Cabin Fever by Evelyn Sloppy from UniquelyNancy OR $20 for Machine Quilting Services from QuiltsbyBarb.

This week’s Judges!

Diane Lapacek

Barb Raisbeck

Lisa Penny

Guest Judge:  QuiltDad


Now for the challenge…

Challenge 2 – What’s in a Name?

interstate_95_map I'm in Virginia visiting my daughter, Karma.  Last season after I returned home from here, I posted a challenge called Road Trip.  Before we left home, I had an idea in mind for Challenge 2, but as we drove across Virginia, I changed my mind.  We'll keep the other idea for Challenge 3 or 4...or maybe for Season 3.

Anyhow,  I was noticing the exit signs and the really cool names the cities and villages in Virginia have.  Places like Longdale Furnace, Short Pump, Clifton Forge and Stuarts Draft.  And so, I thought, "Why not a challenge using a place name?"  So this challenge was born.

1.  Choose the name of a place, any place with a name that tickles your imagination.

2.  Make a quilt using that name as your inspiration.  I don't want you to choose New York and use the skyline.  That would be the place as your inspiration, not the name.  (New York as a name doesn't inspire much, does it?)

3.  No restrictions on colors, sizes, materials or shapes.  This is challenging enough.

4.  After your project is finished, you may give it a different name than you started with if you'd like. You do know that we like a clever name, right?

5.  POST your entries with a description of your creative process, including where you are (ie, I create in Madison, WI) and the size of your project by Sunday, January 30, 2011, at noon, CDT, to this flickr group – Project QUILTING with KimsCraftyApple: OR email a picture/description of your completed project to lapaceksorchard {at} gmail {dot} com with PROJECT QUILTING in the subject line.

6. If this is the first Project Quilting challenge you've participated in, please email Kim at lapaceksorchard {at} gmail {dot} com with PROJECT QUILTING in the subject line so that Kim can send you feedback from the judges and keep you updated on the behind the scenes going-ons.

-Submitted by Diane


  1. LOVE the challenge!!! Starting to get some ideas!!!

  2. Oh no! Too many ideas! Some will be nixed for inappropriateness on a public forum :)

  3. wow! I've been searching for city names all over the country! I have a list 20 long, now to narrow it down :)

  4. wonderful projects--had a hard time picking between my two or three favorite.


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