The Amazing Magical Castle!

This past Sunday, we went to IHOP to grab some delicious breakfast.  I also had a few things I needed to get at Jo-Ann’s but of course, it wasn’t open yet.  So, to waste an hour we decided to walk around Menards.  Did you know that Menards has TONS of FREE things!  We got light fleece cozies, wall brackets, a saw (because who doesn’t need another saw), and lint rollers!   (they’re free after you send in the rebates…)001

One thing we did end up not getting for free was this colorable cardboard castle.  (I linked to one online but it was much cheaper at Menards).  I thought it might be a good thing for the girls to do while I was working on things in my craft area. 002Seriously – this was one of my best ‘kid’ investments EVER! 003 The girls played, colored, and used their imaginations (dragons were coming…) for close to two hours with little to no intervention from me.004

A definite miracle.  The other great thing is that there are still hours of coloring to do and then after that my ‘Princesses’ will be able to use it for a play house!

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