Blogger’s Block-A-Palooza – Block #9: Lemonade Stand

Yesterday, my Block-A-Palooza quilt got one square larger.  This time it was with the pattern ‘Lemonade Stand’ from BlueNickelStudios.Blogger's Block a Palooza - Block 9:  Lemonade Stand Here’s what my block turned out to be this time.  I have introduced a few new fabrics (more purples and turquoise…just different batiks, and a black and white skinny striped commercial print from Moda) – and even a new color (the brown by the geese).  I still have 7 more blocks to do so I’m want to be sure to spread out my fabric’s fairly evenly…we’ll see what happens in the end though!Blogger's Block A Palooza - all 9 blocks

And here’s an overall of all 9 blocks thus far.  Do you have a favorite yet?


Monday, January 24
Block #1: John Adams
Quilt Dad

Thursday, January 27
Block #2: Elizabeth Hartman
Oh, Fransson!

Monday, January 31
Block #3: Amanda Sasikirana
sasikirana handmade

Thursday, February 3
Block #4: Cherri House
Cherry House Quilts

Monday, February 7
Block #5: Kaye Prince
Miss Print

Thursday, February 10
Block #6: Monica Solorio-Snow
Happy Zombie

Monday, February 14 Happy Valentine's Day!
Block #7: Heather Bostic
House of a la Mode

Thursday, February 17
Block #8: Angela Yosten
Moda Home Mom

Monday, February 21
Block #9: Scott Hansen
Blue Nickel Studios

Thursday, February 24
Block #10: Amy Ellis
Amy's Creative Side

Monday, February 28
Block #11: Fat Quarterly team
Fat Quarterly

Thursday, March 3
Block #12: Jennifer Davis
Sugar Stitches

Monday, March 7
Block #13: Tia Curtis
Camp Follower Bags & Quilts

Thursday, March 10
Block #14: Ryan Walsh
I'm Just a Guy Who Quilts

Monday, March 14
Block #15: Kerri Horsley
lovely little handmades

Thursday, March 17
Block #16: Vanessa Christenson
V and Co.

Thursday, March 24
Block layout: Julie Herman & Natalia Bonner
Jaybird Quilts and Piece N Quilt

Wrap-up, charity auction

TO See what everyone’s working on check out the flickr group:


If you want to participate in a different challenge – the 4th Project QUILTING Challenge is currently live:


  1. These are all so fun to see! I'm hoping to catch up and do this at some point. Out of curiosity, have you been using whichever fabrics you want for each block or do you try to follow their fabric pairings with your fabrics (e.g., if Blocks 1 and 2 used sunkissed fabric A, then you also used a "fabric a" in your blocks 1 and 2-- if that makes sense).

  2. Hi Elaine,

    I have just been using whatever I want. If I was truly organized I could have matched them up but I didn't want to take the time to do that OR make sure that I had enough of each fabric to match them. This way if I run out of something I can just grab something else that will 'fit' with my color theme.

    Hope that helps!

  3. thanks for sharing this article look nice



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