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To most that know me – I always wanted boys (sorry Cedi and Capri) BUT I knew I was going to get girls because I totally deserve them – right Mom?  When we found out we were pregnant for a third time I secretly hoped for a girl…my opinion on them has been completely turned around by my two beauties!  I have so much fun with them and their quirks.  I know that I’ll probably be complaining up a storm on here in about 8-10 years but right now I am just loving it.003  And…did I mention how fun they are to dress!?005 Cedi had to do a twirl pose…006  How cute does Capri look!?  I’m not exactly sure where I got the dress top…I know it was at the Outlet Mall – so that narrow’s it down to The Children’s Place, Gap, Old Navy, or Gymboree…if I had the energy to get off my chair and look at the tag I would be able to tell you…but I don’t…008 AND Cedi is wearing a lovely Sweet Pea Upcycled Peasant Dress Made From a Men's Button-Up Shirt from AlltheNumbers

Anyway…I’m super excited that in just a few weeks (9.5ish) I’ll have a bundle of little girls!

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