Happy Valentine’s Day

004a day late…I hope that everyone had a fabulous Valentine’s Day.  I’ll admit…I’m not huge on Valentine’s but my girls LOVED it.  005The highlight was last Friday when our friend Nicole, organized a fantastic Valentine’s Day party for the PB&J Group that included 19 little one’s between the age of 0 and 4 years – and their mom’s!    006 I was amazed at everything she had ready and how smoothly it all went.  She had pizza crust dough cut out into hearts that she had the ‘older’ kids make into their very own pizza’s.  007 My girls were definitely happy!  010 First the sauce…011  all the kids had spoons to spread it around on the crust.013 Next the cheese (of course)014 do you think Cedi and Capri like cheese?015 And they topped their mini pizza’s off with some delicious pepperoni!016 Nicole also mad little Valentine mailboxes for each child and then we brought Valentine’s for everyone coming.017 And adorable heart covered hats.018 She even made the mom’s these sweet little tea mugs that included a mug, a cup cozy and an adorable bag of tea!019  The game Nicole had planned was genius!  She gave each child a balloon (seriously…how can you go wrong with balloons…I always forget how much they are coveted by my girls)021 Then, she put paper hearts on the floor.  The goal was to throw the balloon in the air and have it land on a heart…022   Pure genious025    and TONS of entertainment029 Capri took a break and I snapped a few shots of my beauty with her balloon.030   033  Capri’s enthralled by all the activity.035 Cedi was in her element.036 The mini pizza’s went over fabulously…037Cedi ate 3 and Capri even ate 1 and a half!  (I can barely get her to eat more than ketchup!) 038        and then…to top off the perfect party – everyone got to open their Valentine’s046    When we got home from all the festivities I put in ‘Ice Age’.  The girls and I laid on the couch and we all took a fabulous nap!

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