How to Paint an Owl – a Class with Juliette Crane

Last Saturday, I attended a fabulous class at The Glitter WorkshopHow to Paint an Owl with Juliette Crane.”  I don’t do a lot of painting projects – I’m more into quilting and jewelry making but I’ll always jump at an opportunity to learn new techniques and tricks from an expert. 


There were 13 of us in the class – some with painting experience – some with no experience what-so-ever.  By the end of the four hour class – we all had an adorable little owl painting to take home with us.  Juliette was really a great teacher with great hints and plenty of patience.  I managed to take some step by step pictures of our painting process that I’m happy to share with you here.

BaseJuliette had our painting boards primed ahead of time for us to choose from.  This enabled us to complete the project in the four hour time period.   sketch 2The next step was the ‘sketch’ our owl onto our board using pastels (they wipe off if you don’t like something…).  Juliette broke down each part of the owl into shapes to make it easy for us to understand and create.  I decided that my owl was a ‘pregnant’ owl so I modified my shapes a bit.   Time to start painting! Once we were happy with our sketch, we got out our paints.  All the supplies were provided but if we wanted to use our own materials that was okay to do.  the owl is painted - close up Here is my owl roughly painted.  BackgroundOnce we had our basic owl painted, Juliette taught us about backgrounds and showed us some of her ‘go to’ techniques.  One of the main thing she does is use papers to create dimension and fun elements to her paintings.  Of course, my pregnant owl had to be standing on a branch of an apple treeJuliette graciously shared all of her fun paper collection included vintage wall paper samples, origami papers, and sheet music for us to pick through and cut up for our own projects.  My Preggo Owl You can see here that my paper elements are added – now it’s time to work on the details!My Preggo Owl One of the things that scared most of us were doing the eyes.  Once again – Juliette broke it all down into a couple of easy to understand instructions and we were all able to paint some decent looking eyes.Preggo Owl 2My owl is now complete – except for the last step… Top Coat

Adding the top coat.  Once it dried I had an adorable little Mama Owl to take home with me!me and my owl Here I am – a pregnant mama showing off my very owl pregnant mama owl.  owl painting class And – here’s a photo of everyone showing off their adorable little owl.


I have decided to use what I learned and the inspiration I got from the class to create my challenge piece for the latest Project QUILTING challenge.  I’ll be sure to share with you what comes from that. 

If you want to learn how to paint your very own owl check out the classes coming up (one in Madison and one e-course):

To see more of Juliette Crane’s work or purchase your very own check out her etsy site:

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  1. i love seeing your step by step photos, kim! ad your AMAZING mama owl :)

    xoxo, juliette


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