3 Geese – Judges Comments

I just realized that I haven’t shared with you all the Judges Comments on my last Project Quilting Piece – 3 Geese.  So, without further adieu…here’s what they had to say:

Project QUILTING - Flying Geese Challenge Entry - Three Geese

Judge 1:  I like this finished table runner. I think it would make a great kit to sell on Etsy!

Good use of the brown to tone done and spark up your compliments. Most would have chosen black so I like the brown.

Good job.

close up

Judge 2: Another beautiful piece, Kim. You used the traditional flying geese, but still made a project that’s very original and modern. Of course, you had to interpret the complementary color scheme differently than anyone else and take it times 3. The whole thing is very effective and fun. The one color corners make it way more special than running the geese all the way around would.

Interior corner binding

Judge 3: Once again, your eye for color and your design skills really shine. I love that instead of choosing one pair of complementary colors, you broke out and used several pairings. The way you positioned the different tones created a fantastic interweaving effect. Your technique in your alignment of the points is superb. Having done inside corner bindings, I know how tricky they can be, and you did an excellent job of it - all of your binding corner points are perfectly sharp. Excellent work Kim!

close up

Judge 4: Your quilt was very well thought out and I enjoyed hearing your design process. Each of the diamonds you created have equal representation and the values visually work well with one another within the piece. I agree with your choice not to use complimentary thread for quilting. The fabrics are busy enough and geese are such busy blocks to begin with. Nice construction and binding. I can’t find anything to critique in this one! Thanks for showing it’s OK to mix several different fabric types in one quilt. I like to see batiks mixed with prints.

Project QUILTING - Flying Geese

Thanks to all the judges for their feedback!

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  1. Great runner....wonderful judges comments too.


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