34 weeks, 1 day: 41 days to go

I actually write three blogs – since I wear three hats – a mom, a crafter/entrepreneur, and an apple orchardist.  I try not to double post in these blogs but sometimes things that are going on just needs to be shared by all.  A new little person will be joining my family in just a few weeks (well, 6 or so) so at least by sharing with you all my journey you’ll understand when I’m not posting quite as frequently or take longer to get back to you at times. 


I had Jared take the photo outside as the weather has been BEUATIFUL the last few days!017-1

How Far Along: 34 weeks, 1 day!
Size of baby: 4 3/4 lbs and just under 18 inches

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +Maternity Clothes: still going to stick with about +29lbs since I don’t go to the doctor until Thursday and I refuse to stand on a scale at home

Gender: It’s a GIRL; name will be chosen when we see her! (Supposedly…we’ll see – I wouldn’t be surprised if she surprises us and is actually a boy – she’s HUGE!)

Movement: Still crazy but I don’t think I’m noticing it as much since I’ve been much more active now that I’m feeling better.

Sleep: Fine – except Jared and I are currently addicted to watching episodes of 24 on netflix so it seems that we’re staying up later and later which makes the mornings tougher.  On Saturday I somehow managed to take two naps and wow – that was amazing!

What I miss: champagne and beer

Cravings: canned pears, whipped cream, dried blueberries in my mac & cheese

Symptoms: heartburn, terrible hips, slightly swollen ankles, an enlarged stomach

Best Moment of the Week: I sort of have two…I pampered myself – I had a pedicure last Thursday and a haircut today…sometimes you just have to do things for yourself…

018 Mercedi Rose, age 4

019Capri Grace, age 3

The two older sisters are really enjoying this warm weather too!


  1. Very Cute! Good luck with everything!

  2. All the best - you do realize that you are outnumbered now, don't you?
    You look good - make sure to keep up with the pampering!

  3. you look fabulous!!! can't wait to see what you have :) love that mercedi is wearing her gock's frocks still!!

  4. Fun to see you Kim. If you are eating everything you are craving it is no wonder you have heartburn. Congratulation again. Can't wait to see your new girl.


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