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My parents came and picked up my girls to spend four days with them last Thursday.  This morning was our last morning of quiet.  Jared and I decided to go and grab some breakfast.

My contract for the Prairie Athletic Club is up at the end of April – and I’m not going to keep it (at least for now).  So, when I got the notice I had called to cancel it and after the 20 questions wondering why I was leaving and many reasons why I should say they finally let me know that my paperwork would be at the front desk of the club for me to sign at anytime.  But, I had to do this before the 30th of March since they need a months notice to cancel – if I didn’t get there before then, I would be paying for the month of May as well.

So, when we decided to go to breakfast I thought going to a place in Sun Prairie would work well since we could stop by the club to sign the papers.  We got to the club just around 7 (yup, we were up early) and I the papers weren’t available for me to sign.  I guess the story was that there needed to be a manager there (who didn’t start until 9:30) and the papers were locked away.  Seriously!?  Hadn’t I specifically asked when I could come into sign it?  There response – ANYTIME…shouldn’t it have been ‘Anytime there is a manager on duty.”  ARGHHH!

Fine.  So I wasn’t going to get the papers signed at that point but the club was definitely getting a call from me once the manager was in.  It’s time for breakfast.

We thought we’d head to Sir Hobo’s for a yummy diner breakfast – turns out that they had a fire back in February.  What terrible news for them and for us – I really wanted to eat there.

Then, we decided to head to another Diner in Sun Prairie for breakfast.  I had heard they had a good breakfast buffet.  We pulled in around 7:30ish – buffet starts at 9 – of course!  So, I finally decided to order a Belgian Waffle with Pecans from the menu.  When it arrived it was just a plain waffle (yes, that’s right plain – not even a dollop of whip cream!) and a small cup of crushed pecans!  I can’t even express my disappointment – seriously!?  This was my Belgian Waffle – ridiculous! 

I’ll admit – the waffle was good but it was hard to enjoy it after all my disappointments.  Being 36 weeks pregnant I’m already really easy to upset.  I know these aren’t major problems in the grand scheme of things but it was a truly annoying first few hours of the morning.

The day did get better and my girls are home with me – wow, I missed them!

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  1. Those things would be upsetting to me even NOT pregnant. Glad the day got better :)


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