Little Fish

020 Cedi and Capri will be having their sixth and final swim lesson this session next Wednesday. We’ve already had five over at the Prairie Athletic Club. I was so happy to see that they offered some classes during the day instead of right around dinner time – so much easier for everyone (especially since my schedule allows for daytime lessons). 007 They have a great teacher and a class of five kids (should have been 6 but the sixth little girl was really not into it when she came…we haven’t seen her since…)011Cedi and Capri learning the benefits of ‘teachers pet’ early on. 015 Capri is a great floater!016 017 Cedi’s slightly less buoyant. 019

During their swim lessons this past summer – Capri passed her class with flying colors and was allowed into the next level with administrative approval since she wasn’t quite old enough (she turned 3 in the middle of the session). They decided Cedi should stay a ‘Seahorse’ for another session. You have to understand – Cedi is a ‘Princess’ and ‘Princesses’ don’t put their head underwater. 017What all this meant was that both girls would be Seahorses at the same time. In my mind this was either going to be really good or really bad. Luckily – it’s been wonderful! Since Capri is not afraid of putting her head underwater Cedi went right for it and showed her stuff.015 Capri on the left – a fabulous floater, Cedi on the right – needs to work on relaxing a bit…

I found out at the last class that Cedi will be moving into Sea Turtles for the next session and Capri will be staying in Seahorses one more time. 001 Of course, I really think this has to do with her age. She’s really good at all the activities the class is doing but she needs to work on her ‘listening’ skills. Being the first time she’s been in any sort of activity without her mom or dad I’m still really proud of how well she did.

3/24/11 UPDATE: So, yesterday at their last swimming lesson the teacher informed me that if I wanted I could send Capri into the next class! She was only not doing two of the things on the checklist so she passed! I'm really happy about this because I'm pretty sure that Sea Horses and Sea Turtles happen at two different times and I had no idea how I could keep one of the girls out of the water while the other had a lesson. Woo Hoo! Yeah for my littlest swimmer!

I’m excited for the next session of swim lessons (I’ll probably sign them up for sometime next summer). I hope to be able to hang out in the adjacent hot tub and observe the classes since I won’t be pregnant anymore!

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