38 weeks – 14 days to go

031 How Far Along: 38 weeks

Size of baby: 6.8 lbs and over 19.5 inches

Heart rate at Last Doctor’s Visit(4/8): 145 – both girls came with me and were able to hear the heartbeat!

Measuring at Last Doctor’s Visit(4/8): 38 weeks

What to Look Forward to at the Next Doctor Visit (4/14): See if I’m dilated any more and hopefully some membrane stripping to get things moving…

Total Weight Gain/Loss:+Maternity Clothes: ~36 lbs

Gender: It’s a GIRL; name will be chosen when we see her!

Please – keep suggesting names…we really don’t decide until we meet her…

Movement: Slightly creepy as I can see feet and hands as they poke out of my belly.  She starts to do her ‘exercising’ right around 9pm – it’s so weird to watch.  I could be in Alien.

Sleep: less and less good.  I hoist myself out of bed about every 2 hours to pee.  If I’m lucky I can fall back asleep – usually the 3/4 wake up it becomes an issue and I’m up for a few hours. 

What I miss: champagne, beer, being able to walk without pain, sleeping on my back, my ankles

Cravings: canned pears, whipped cream, bacon, mayonnaise, chocolate,

Symptoms: heartburn, terrible hips, swollen ankles, emotional, an enlarged stomach

Best Moment of the Week: Spent A LOT of quality time with my girls – including a spontaneous trip to the park, getting feather extensions in our hair and a trip to the zoo! 

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  1. Hoping your feeling well! Can't wait to meet your little girl! How about the names; Averi/Avrie


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