39 weeks – 7 days to go


I turned to the side while chatting with Jared and he blurted out “Are you sure you’re not having twins!?” – I feel like a whale!

How Far Along: 39 weeks

Size of baby: 20 inches and just over 7lbs

Heart rate at Last Doctor’s Visit(4/14): 150

Measuring at Last Doctor’s Visit(4/14): 39 weeks

What to Look Forward to at the Next Doctor Visit (4/14): Hopefully to find out I’m more dilated than 1cm and another membrane strip…

Total Weight Gain/Loss:+Maternity Clothes: ~36 lbs no change from last week – woo hoo!

Gender: It’s a GIRL; name will be chosen when we see her!

Please – keep suggesting names…we really don’t decide until we meet her…

Movement: Slightly creepy as I can see feet and hands as they poke out of my belly.  She starts to do her ‘exercising’ right around 9pm – it’s so weird to watch.  I could be in Alien.

Sleep: less and less good.  I hoist myself out of bed about every 2 hours to pee.  If I’m lucky I can fall back asleep – usually the 3/4 wake up it becomes an issue and I’m up for a few hours.

What I miss: champagne, beer, being able to walk without pain, sleeping on my back, my ankles

Cravings: canned pears, whipped cream, bacon,  chocolate, cake

Symptoms: heartburn, terrible hips, ridiculously emotional, an enlarged stomach

Best Moment of the Week: Helping my mom make TONS and TONS of meals for my freezer for ‘post’ baby time!  So excited about that!  Thanks MOM!


Every morning each of my girls talk to my belly and let the baby know that they’re ready to meet her TODAY.  I am so so ready for this – even the labor and delivery bit.  I can’t wait to start the next phase of our family!


I have big plans to do some creating today.  It seemed like I took a ‘break’ for a few weeks there just waiting/hoping the baby will come.  That needs to stop.  I’m just going to keep moving forward and creating until this baby comes.  Because it may be a long time before I have the opportunity to do this much work again – right?

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