Feather Extensions

004I’ve been seeing feather extensions in people’s hair on the internet for quite awhile now.  Since the first time I saw it I knew this is something I wanted – but I never took the time to see if anyone in my area put them in.  I knew that someone in Milwaukee did it because it was frequently talked about at one of the boutiques I sell at – Project M – but I really hate driving in Milwaukee.  Finally, the other day i decided it was time.  I did a quick search and easily found that Jece, a small salon near the Capitol, installs feathers in your hair!  I called her up and made an appointment.  I thought it would be fun if the girls got feathers put in their hair at the same time.  Jece said she would try but the youngest she’s put them on was an 11 year old – the issue being fine hair.  I figured it would be fun anyway – even if they don’t last very long and I know my ‘princesses’ would get a kick out of it.

001 Cedi was first in the chair – you can see she’s having fun already!002   005

Cedi’s new set of feathers – she chose rainbow.  I really love this bundle – so much fun!

Capri’s turn!  Capri, at age 3, is officially the youngest that Jece has put fine feather extensions on.007 You can’t see in the pictures but of course Capri chose a bundle of blue feathers. 008Capri trying to sit patiently for her feathers.  She did pretty well but it also helped that it really didn’t take long to have them put in. I think we were in and out with all three of us getting feathers in less than a half an hour! 018 You can sort of see the girls’ feathers in this photo.  I’m sure in the days to come, as I post more photo’s of them online, you’ll notice them as well.

I haven’t taken a picture of mine yet but will try to have it show up in my ‘38 week’ update tomorrow.

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