Happy Birthday to Me!

008Last Friday, April 15th was my 29th birthday (yes, I’m a tax baby and yes, my father worked for the IRS).  Being ridiculously huge and pregnant we had a pretty laid back celebration.    

In the morning I took Cedi to her registration/screening for 4K.  Then my parents came to spend the day with the girls and I.  While they were here my dad entertained the girls while my mom and I cooked up some casseroles for after the baby (well…my mom pretty much did it all and I helped here and there…).  By the end of the day my mom had made 17 different casserole meals for the freezer plus at least 2 meals of hot beef that just needs to be reheated.  Seriously!  This is AMAZING!  After the last two kiddo’s the best thing anyone ever gave us was a meal that was ready to pop in the oven.  It’s so nice to not have to worry about ‘what’s for dinner’.  With all this food in my freezer I figure we’re set for 3 weeks to a month – woo hoo!010

I’m sure you’ve noticed the amazingly beautiful cake I have pictured throughout this blog.  I was lucky to enjoy three cakes for my birthday.  The night before the big day my hubby brought home cherry cheesecake (yummy…truth be told, I’m enjoying a slice as I type this and yes, it’s not 9:30 am yet…).  My mom brought my favorite – angel food.  We topped it off with whipped cream, strawberries and raspberries.  Delicious!  009

THEN, on Friday night my friend Julie dropped off this GORGEOUS cake that she had made and decorated for me!  The girls were in awe and couldn’t wait to dive in and eat it up!  It was hard to cut into something so beautiful…013

but…as you can see – it was gorgeous on the inside too!  And DELICIOUS as well!  Thanks so much Julie – what a fantastic surprise!

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