Happy Easter Eve!

I hope everyone is excited and ready for Easter tomorrow!  Here’s some snapshots of some Easter fun we had today.  007 008

The girls are ready for the hunt – they were in different sections this year since Cedi got to move up to the 4-5 years old!009 Cedi managed to actually grab some eggs this year.  Last year she didn’t get the shiny one and through a fit and refused to get ANY!  It was quite the morning…011 There’s Capri – she found the shiny egg this year!  You can also see her cousin Payton and Kate in the foreground of the photo.  012 There was a decent turnout to the hunt!013 Cedi would actually pick up an egg and then put it back on the ground…like the blue one in this picture – it ended up in someone else basket in the end.  No idea.018 Capri was afraid of the Easter Bunny so we just have Cedi in the picture this year. 019  Next event – dyeing the eggs! 024 The girls did great!026 I love how Capri’s feather’s match the eggs she dyed!027Jared was really proud of this picture that’s just basically my belly!  Still nothing but feel free to join in the Baby Pool fun on my crafty blog – prizes are involved! 029 Ced’s got a bit of a runny nose which always seems to translate into one red cheek…030 The fruits (aka eggs) of our labor…

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Easter!

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