Henry Vilas Zoo

010 Last Friday, after we had feathers put in our hair, Jared took a long lunch break and we headed for a little visit to the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison.  It really is a fabulous zoo for small children – not too big, but big enough with enough animal variety to keep them excited about going – oh, and it’s Free! 018 It was a bit chilly out so we made sure to check out the Aviary – this was actually our first venture through it – pretty nice.  021  031 The girls were really into pictures with their heads through the cut outs – Capri is the polar bear above and Cedi the polar bear below.032 035Papa and the girls checked out the bison in their fairly new exhibit.      045 The tiger was out pacing.  It’s so crazy to think – there’s just a pane (grant it, a super thick, strong pane) of glass between that tiger and my two girls!  


043 I had to snag a picture of the giraffe’s – the girls’ favorite animal at the zoo.  They were still napping when we first went to visit them, but much to the girls delight they woke up and were out an about before we had to leave. 

041I think overall – our little adventure to the zoo was a success and everyone had some fun!

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