Project QUILTING – Off Season Challenges

Hi everyone! So...I've been contemplating what to do with Project QUILTING during 'off-season'. As I'm sure most of you have figured out by now, in just over 2 weeks we'll be welcoming our third little girl into this world. I'm really excited but it does mean I won't have as much time for my 'hobbies' like Project QUILTING and I'm not really sure when Season 3 will start.'s what I thought.

Once a month, I would have a ,'Guest Blogger' on my blog write up the challenge for that month - yes, you would have a MONTH to finish a project! I think this would be pretty laid back - no voting/prizes/judging etc...


I have decided to create a new flickr Group: Project QUILTING – CRITIQUES for those of you who do want their pieces actually critiqued – the good and the bad.  Simply add your completed piece to this group, as well as the regular group and people will be encouraged to comment on their true thoughts – what’s fabulous and what needs work. 


If you are interested in being a 'guest blogger' please email me your challenge at lapaceksorchard at gmail dot com.

Be sure to include any guidelines (size, colors, shapes, budget, etc...) and be as specific/clear as possible with your project. Also...if you wanted it to be shorter than a month let me know that too...I can be completely flexible with this.

Like I said, I will be have a guest blogger once a month during off season so if there is a lot of interest in all this I'll be create a 'queue' of projects and WILL get to just not be right away or all at once...

Thanks for your input and support as always!

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