Spontaneous ‘Park’-ing

001The other day when the girls and I were out on errands we were driving by a fun looking park in Morrisonville.  It was nice out so I decided to stop and let the girls run for a bit.  Best decision ever!  The girls had so much fun and I loved every minute of watching their happiness.  They just kept saying, “Mama, this is SO MUCH FUN!” – truly priceless! 

It tired to edit the number of pictures I put up but I’m terrible at that so you’ll just have to look at most of them – this is why I don’t scrapbook!003   Cedi got really good at climbing the spider web thingy…006Capri enjoyed it too but wasn’t quite tall enough to climb very high (which was fine with me).  008 What’s a park without a slide!?009    013  When’s the last time you were this happy?015 016  Determined to climb the wall.018 Proud when she did.019    023 024         033  Cedi decided to climb up and over the spider web thingy…035   As you can see…Cedi’s slightly concerned about how she’s going to get down now that she’s all the way on top…038I was so glad she figured out how to turn around and go backwards back down…I can’t imagine how I would have climbed up there with my big gut!   041036      048Classic fun on the swings! 

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