Vintage Shoe Buttons

I’ve been working on some fun and new Vintage Shoe Button Cha Cha Rings this week:


The STORY behind the Buttons:



I was visiting a local art gallery - Capri Gallery and the shop owner showed me a jar full of shoe buttons she had. I passed - I didn't know what I would do with them and I figured I had enough things in my art room. 011


I left the store and headed over to pick up my girls from their grandma's house. On the way over I realized that I knew the perfect thing for those vintage shoe buttons - RINGS! 


Burgundy and Black

I had to have them. I quickly picked up the girls and told them we had to make a stop back into town. 060

Natural 2.0


On the way there I told my youngest daughter, Capri (who I had and named just weeks before the Capri Gallery opened) that we were going to 'her gallery.'


Black and Grey 

On the way into the store my oldest daughter looked sad and I asked what was wrong. "Mama, I'm sad because I don't have a gallery." earrings

Shoe Button Earrings

Does anyone know of a ‘Mercedi Gallery’ that I can bring my oldest daughter to?!

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