2 Week Update

007Normally I would try to split up all the news I’m about to share with you into multiple posts but considering I rarely get a few minutes to be at the computer these days I figure I better just do it all now.


I’ll start with an update on Pip.  I can’t believe that she’s already 2 weeks today!  We went to the doctor for her checkup and she already weighs in at a whopping 9 lbs 4 oz – that’s 1 lb 1 oz more than she weighed at birth!  The doctor says they like to see them back to their birth weight by now – I think we have that covered.

I’m sure you’ve figured it out but Pip is an eater!  She eats every 2 to 3 hours during the day and she does it at her own pace.  A bit here, a bit there, a nap, more milk…I spend most of my days in the recliner right now.  I’m really not used to this and have gotten pretty much nothing accomplished.  010I’m not too worried about this as I’ve really enjoyed my time with Pip but things are going to be interesting once Papa goes back to work and I have a 3 and 4 year old that want to be outside 24/7. 

Boob Question:  So, since Pip eats so much my boobs are SUPER full of milk.  I’m not a small girl in the first place so they are rather large.  I’ve been wearing nursing tank tops but they aren’t very supportive for moving around or flattering either.  I wore a underwire nursing bra earlier today – moving around felt great but seemed to result in clogging a few ducts which led to a very painful afternoon going on evening.  (a warm bath helped for a bit…)  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I’m clueless as to what to do?


Yesterday Cedi complained about her ear bothering her.  When I looked at it, it was super red behind her ear – like a bight or she’d been rubbing it a lot (rubbing it because she had an infection and it was bothering her?).  She’s also had a decent cold for the last couple of weeks but it really hasn’t been slowing her down at all. She’s been go go go just like her normal self.  But, we figured we’d see what it looked like this morning to decide if we should bring her in.  This morning she complained that her other ear hurt too and she didn’t eat much of her breakfast (very unlike Cedi).  Since Pip already had an appointment I called to see if I could squeeze Cedi in with her.  So, around quarter to 10, the three of us headed to the doctor.  Cedi weighed in at a whopping 36 lbs…she seriously is tiny!  The good news about Cedi was that she didn’t have an ear infection or strep throat.  Bed News:  Pneumonia!  I couldn’t believe it – but I’m super glad I brought her in…  So, she’s on an antibiotic regiment for the next 10 days – I’m also super lucky that at least two of my girls LOVE medicine – it really is a bit ridiculous.003

Cedi & Capri working on Mother’s Day Breakfast


Nothing to report as of now.  Hopefully I won’t have anything next week either.  She does happen to have the same cough as Cedi so the doctor said that if it doesn’t get any better to give her a call on Monday…

I also am loving that Capri keeps calling Pip a “woman”.  it makes me laugh every time!


I started back on Weight Watchers.  I get LOTS of points since I’m nursing.  Hopefully I’ll have some good news to report next Tuesday…


I am officially married to a 32 year old man :)  I think he had a nice low-key birthday celebration yesterday with the family including lunch at his favorite spot – Pizza Hut. 


  1. Have you tried pumping at all? I pumped after every feeding with Hutt - and it seemed to be the key to avoiding engorgement/clogged ducts. I know they don't suggest it because it can make your body produce even more milk, but I'll tell you what, I'll definitely do it again if we have #3. I was in so much pain so often with Keaton because I didn't pump nearly as much. If you didn't do it after EVERY feeding maybe even just completely draining once a day would help.

    Loving these new pictures of the girls!

  2. I had the same problem, Kim...not much advice except that it got a lot better after 5-6 weeks when my supply regulated and I was no longer engorged unless he slept a long time at night. (my body got used to that eventually too though). The underwire nursing bras have been nice now, but in the beginning I had problems with clogged ducts unless I was wearing something loose and unflattering too.

    I am thinking about doing WW myself...everyone told me that with BFing the weight would come off easily, but that has not been the case! I have been so hungry, more so than when pregnant I think!


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