Roller Derby Girls

228377_10150609363180543_726195542_18697452_4744439_n  I bought a pair of adjustable roller skates at a garage sale a few weeks ago.  Cedi was really excited to try them out but I had to pick up some padded gear first.  Yesterday was her first day on her skates and she spent well over an hour on them – already well worth the $2. 

This morning, the girls were up at 6am ready to go roller skating!  I did make them wait until everyone was fed, dressed and ready before we headed out. 

Now I just need to come up with some great Roller Derby Names for them. 

Cedi I was thinking “Princess Pandemonium” 

Capri I’m not quite sure yet…

Anyone else have any ideas?


  1. Capri looks pretty tough in that photo, I'm thinking "Bruiser" would be a good name.

  2. Capri told me yesterday that she wants to be called "Moose" so maybe you can use that as your inspiration?


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