Double Strawberry Cream Pie – Market Fresh Recipe

006 Happy Sunday everyone!  My Market Fresh Ingredient from this week’s market is STRAWBERRIES!  I’ve actually been getting a lot of calls about picking strawberries at our orchard lately.  I just want to make it clear that we do not grow strawberries here.  Please check out THIS POST about a couple of strawberry farms in our area. 

So, the recipe I’m about to share with you is one that I came up with myself.  It was inspired by my love of Banana Cream Pie and the fact that I have TONS of strawberries to eat up. 

Double Strawberry Cream Pie



1 item(s) Ready Crust 25% Less-Fat Graham Cracker Ready pie crust  

1 cup(s) strawberries  

4 oz light whipping cream  

2 cup(s) fat-free sugar-free pudding, I used white chocolate flavored - vanilla or cheesecake would work too 


Make pudding per package instructions. Pour into graham cracker crust and let set. 001Slice strawberries and cover top. 002Spread a layer of whipped cream over top. 003Add one more layer of sliced strawberries.  005ENJOY!


PointsPlus™ Value:    5
Servings:  8
Preparation Time:  5 min
Level of Difficulty:  Easy

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