007I have figured out if I can predict when Pip needs to fall asleep I can actually get some time in my crafting room to create.  My next problem is when I get down there I have all these ideas in my head and I find myself trying to do them all at once.  Well, I did manage to get one of my ideas finished and into my etsy shop – hot dog and hamburger bodysuits!  I had made this fabric into ornaments at Christmas time but realized the other day that they would be the perfect touch for an adorable kid outfit this summer!019 It was just so cute I had to make Pip her very own little hot dog onesie!!  Isn’t she just a doll!?   I can’t believe how big she is!

 036While I was at it I took my very last blank aprons and I made a few OOAK hamburger and hot dog aprons as well.  My oldest, Cedi was happy as usual to be the model for it (she gets a quarter for each one I sell too…)  001 I have also managed to get a piece done for the second off season Project QUILTING challenge.  It was a puzzling piece to figure out but as soon as I get the binding stitched on I’ll be happy to share it with you all!

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