Two Week Marathon Comes to an End


I try really hard to not get my kids involved in too many things at once.  I completely failed at that this summer. 


We just finished up our marathon swimming lessons.  They were Monday through Thursdays from 10:30-11:00 for two weeks.  Both of the girls were in the Sea Turtle Class at the Prairie Athletic Club.  It was a challenge for me to get all the girls ready and out the door at a specific time everyday (thank you Grandma for taking Wednesday’s for me!) BUT the girls’ swimming skills improved DRASTICALLY with the skills being reinforced each day.  Capri has become slightly timid about things and still needs to work on some skills so she’s going to be in Sea Turtles for at least one more session.  BUT Cedi has blossomed so much from last summer and is not afraid of the water at all. She has graduated into the Penguin class!  I can’t wait to bring Papa swimming with the girls so he can see how much they’ve improved even since our trip up Nort’028

On Wednesday night’s in July the girls had ballet class.  This went from 5 to 5:30.  I have the girls in this together as well because I wanted to see how they did in the same class to see if I could keep them together this fall.  I think I’m leaning towards splitting them up just so Capri has a chance to be her own person but I’m not sure.  I’ll have to chat with Miss Erin and see what she thinks…

If you’re in the Poynette area, be sure to contact Miss Erin about the upcoming fall session.  She does such a great job with the girls’ and I can vouch that my girls absolutely adore her.030

Center Stage Dance Academy

  • Erin Lyn Geiger
  • 117 Garnet Drive
  • Sun Prairie, WI 53590
  • 608-577-1648


And finally, this past week, the girls started gymnastics on Monday nights (5:30-6:30).  Which means we had one week that we had swimming, ballet AND gymnastics – it was a bit tiring to say the least.  The first night of gymnastics went really well and the girls ask me every night how long it is until they go again.  I have a feeling this is something they’re both going to really love.


I’ll have to try to plan a bit better next summer…I’m exhausted just writing this all out…

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  1. PHEW!! I am tired reading about it LOL The girls will really appreciate it when they are older. They are so adorable .


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