Day at the Dentist

On Friday, both the girls visited the dentist for the first time.  I personally hate the dentist but I tried to play it cool so they wouldn’t have the same stigma as I do.  016 They had a tv with cartoons playing and the entire adventure went very smoothly.  022Mercedi with her 20 beautiful, healthy, cavity-free white teeth. 024 It’s Capri’s turn!027 And we have 20 more beautiful, cavity-free, healthy white teeth!

I don’t think the girls will dread their next visit and to me that’s a win.

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  1. Good for them and for you, as well! For parents, it feels kinda tense when it's about time to bring the kids to the dentist. It can be pretty hard when they're scared of dental procedures, after all.

    Still, you got two kids with cavity-free teeth, so good job on their healthy teeth!

    -Joel Jackson


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