First Day of School

002Yesterday was Cedi’s first day of school.  I definitely think it was hardest on Mama, Papa, and Capri more than it was on Cedi.    007Here she is in her gorgeous dress from TheMeasure waiting for the bus to pick her up! 009 I had to take side shots of how HUGE her backpack looks on her!  So crazy to think she’s already in school!010And yes, I quilted her a ‘name tag’ with where she has to go and her home address/phone number on it.  Jared thought I was crazy when I said I had to quick quilt her nametag the night before.  But really – what does he expect I’d do for a name tag?   025 Mali, Tank and Princess waited with Cedi for the bus.030 And here the bus comes!031  And there the bus went…the driver had to back the bus back.  Good thing we were all out there waving at it!032Without a glance back, Cedi ran to load on the bus.  I didn’t think I would cry but I did.  I was just so proud of her and sad at the same time.  She’s now in the big world of school – without me – and it makes me proud that I know she’s going to be just fine.033

And she was.  Cedi had a fabulous first (and second day) of school.  She hasn’t been super talkative about it but as the day goes I find out more and more.  Yesterday she made friends with Erica and Isabelle.  She told me that I should have named her Isabelle and that she was going to tell people from now on that was her name since she likes it better. 

And the fun begins…again…

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