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I am about to head out the door to a quilt retreat but I just had to share the sweet moment I witnessed between my girls.

FIP LO Family-49

Photo by Friends in Photography

I woke up this morning to Pip ‘singing’ in her crib.  I got up, brushed my teeth and headed upstairs to get Pip.  As I grabbed Pip I heard talking from the girls room – yes, quiet talking – not screaming, not whining, not crying.  What was going on?

Pip and I peaked into their room to find that Cedi was reading a book to Capri!  It was so sweet!  She was on her bed on one side of the room sitting up with the book and Capri was still laying in her bed on the other side of the room contently listening to ‘Llama Llama misses Mama’.  Naturally, Pip and I joined Capri on her bed to hear the rest of the story! 

Later in the morning, I had a talk with Cedi letting her know since I would be gone this weekend she would be the ‘Head Woman’ of the house and I needed her to watch over her sisters and help out Papa.  She responded, “But Mama, I can’t really read…I was just pretending.”

FIP LO Family-88

Photo by Friends in Photography

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