Mystery Monday – Baffled in Belmont – Steps 1 & 2

I spent the entire weekend sewing away and I did manage to finish this fantastic mystery quilt!  I made sure to take pictures of each step so you’ll be able to follow along every Monday and see how the quilt progresses!  If you feel up to – follow along with your own fabrics!

If you missed choosing the fabric/cutting check out STEP 1!002

  1. 1.  Make 96 half square triangles using Thangles (15 strips each fabric A and fabric D). 
    • Layer one A and one D strip right sides together with D on top.
    • Place Thangles paper on top.
    • Sew on dotted lines009
    • cut on solid lines012
    • Press
    • Remove paper014
  2. Make 24 pinwheels using half square triangles from Step 1.  Be sure all your pinwheels “spin” in the same direction.

018 020010As you complete each step, mark the finished units with the step number. I piled my pinwheels and pinned a used thangle labeled ‘Step 2’ to the top of the pile.

PS.  It was my first experience with thangles and I LOVE them!  No more trimming down 1/2 square triangles!– LOVE!

Stay tuned for the next ‘clue’ next Monday!

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