Bedazzled & Caterpillar Beer

009 Every year we do something a little different for Christmas – from Making Hats, Ugly Sweater Contests, or Boat Races.  This year, in our yearly Christmas email that gave us instructions of what we need to bring to participate in the festivities this was written:

3) Each adult is requested to bring (1) one decorated beer bottle.

    The bottles must be capped and full of beer.

So, the Thursday before Christmas we sent the girls to Grandma and Grandpa Lapacek’s for a sleepover and Jared and I got to work on our bottles.

010Jared really wanted to use Pumpkin Teeth in his design so he started with that for his inspiration.  011I was inspired by some jewel cabochons that I found being stored in my breezeway.   012 In the end Jared came up with this fantastic caterpillar.  He took the stuffing out of one of the girls stuffed animals and then013Made a fantastic ‘face’ for the caterpillar with the pumpkin teeth.  There is even a gold glittery one!  Just imagine taking a swig out of that bottle and opening your eyes to this! 014 016 





Here is a view of my bottle from all angles – I personally am super happy about how it turned out.  Maybe I need to make a whole series of ‘bedazzled/bejeweled’ bottles.  Both of my girls told me that ‘It was a winner in their contest’. 

To see the other bottles brought to Christmas 2011 check out this LINK

But I will show you the winners…

In 4th place:

Decorated Beer Bottles for the Van Grunsven Christmas

In 3rd place:

Decorated Beer Bottles for the Van Grunsven Christmas In Second Place:Decorated Beer Bottles for the Van Grunsven ChristmasAnd First Place: Decorated Beer Bottles for the Van Grunsven Christmas

I am excited to see what my relatives come up with for next years Christmas!


  1. Hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing as I read this post. Happy New Year Kim!

  2. Great fun post! Love the idea and love your bottle best~ ;-)


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