Block-A-Palooza Quilt – Runner #4 – Complete

It only took me 8 months but I’ve finally started quilting the table runners I made from the Blogger’s Block-A-Palooza Quilt Along.  I was going to quilt the runner with just a random, all over design but once I let it sit in my mind for awhile I decided it would be fun to do some ‘practice’ quilting on each block.  Also – each block really does call for a different design.  Block-A-Palooza - Runner 3 - FINISHED!
Runner #4:  Block 16, Block 8, Block 9
Block-A-Palooza - Runner 3 - FINISHED!
  Block 16 - Pinwheel Parade – I decided to go with a fun swirl quilting on this block.  The middle row actually uncurls onto each of the side blocks.  It’s sort of hard to see in the picture but it created a really cool effect.Block-A-Palooza - Runner 4 - FINISHED!
Block 8 - Basket of Geese – This one I started by just doing some simple outlining/offsetting of each block.  I then decided to add some feathering to the more open areas of the block.  I’m pretty proud of my feathers – they’re not too bad for not having done them very much.Block-A-Palooza - Runner 3 - FINISHED!
Block 9 – Lemonade Stand – This block already had plenty going on with it so I just did some ‘wavy’ straight lines throughout the block.Block-A-Palooza - Runner 3 - FINISHED!
  Finished and bound!  Now that was fun!

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