Christmas Time – the early celebrations

007 As I’m sure it is for many of you – Christmas time is a busy time.  For us a personally, we have ten Christmas celebrations to partake in this year.  So far we’re half way done and my children haven’t quite turned into monsters from all the presents, sugar, and attention they get at the occasions.

One of my favorite ones is the Landwehr Christmas (my mom’s side).  My grandma had 13 kids so when we get together there is well over 100 people – we rent a hall.  This year our standard hall was booked so my Uncle Mike and Aunt Judy came to the rescue and we used a cafeteria/gym in a school they had bought.  (long store)  It’s nice because the adults can talk/play cards and the kids can run around in the gym area.  009    My Grandma is 91 so it seems like lately everyone has made an extra effort to get to the celebration.  It’s also nice, because they hold it the Saturday BEFORE Christmas so it doesn’t tend to conflict with other celebrations. It also seems like every year there are at least 2 or 3 new babies that join us at the party – this was Pip’s first Landwher Christmas.  She definitely had a good time :) 013   I get to see my adorable goddaughter Eleanor at the Landwehr Christmas too! (My sweater is made by the Painted Daisy).    Unless your godparents or godchildren are at the party very little present exchanging is done.  Instead, everyone makes an ornament and that’s how we decorate the tree at the party.  Then, when the festivities are over, we pick a name and that person gets our ornament, and so on.  I really enjoy this tradition and I have developed quite the ornament collection throughout the years.  016 We decided to stay at my parents after the celebration and do our immediate family Christmas.  Pip wanted her glow in the dark skeleton PJs on for the fun.017My parents gave Cedi the adorable pink outfit shown above.  When Cedi got it she laid it out just like the picture and said, “See, that’s what I’ll look like in it.” serious as could be! 018Capri was just a little excited about all her gifts – just kidding.  The expressions she made with the gifts she opened is the whole reason that Christmas is going to be extra magical this year.  It’s just pure joy and wonderment.   019And of course – the best part of Christmas is getting to spend time with family you don’t get to see too often.  I think when the girls see their Uncle Brian, they don’t leave him alone much.  Of course – he had to read them their bed time story.

I’ll have more pictures from the holiday’s to come …stay tuned…

And with that, have a Merry Christmas Eve EVE!

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