Oh Christmas Tree!

We used to always get our Christmas tree the Friday after Thanksgiving.  BUT now that Cedi’s birthday on November 29th, I like to wait until after her birthday so as to not mix Christmas and her big day together.  So, the Sunday after the Craftacular – we headed to the back of Grandma and Grandpa’s property to pick out our tree.052No snow this year but it was pretty chilly. 057Pip decided she would be best sleeping through the adventure – it was probably warmer for her that way too. 053   Jared cut it down and then had to trim it up a little – it was too tall.  056We like to have fun Charlie Brown – type Christmas trees.  Our other preference is really tall so they look cool in our open ceiling-ed living room.  The great thing about our tree this year is that the branches only go around 1/4 of the diameter of the trunk of the tree.   062 You can see it here – not a lot of branches – PERFECT!  The girls were actually quite helpful.069The tree is standing!  We are able to put it up close to the corner of the wall since there is only branches on 1/4 of it.  We also have to anchor it to the wall and the railing.


And – with our ‘swimming’ Pip we had to reinstate the baby gate.  You may also notice that the ornaments don’t go super high up on the tree…just how we like it!  Yes – super festive!

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  1. It's lovely, the perfect tree for the corner. I'm stunned at the simplicity (and fun!) of heading "out back" to cut down your tree, this side of the pond they're all store-bought.


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