Happy New Years Eve!

I had a lot of fun with my new ‘Fish Eye’ lens add on with the girls today!  I got a decent camera in 2012 during apple season.  Another goal for 2013 is to learn how to use my camera with more than just auto mode.  I have some great lenses for it too – lots to learn!  But hopefully that will mean a more beautiful blog for you all to enjoy!

IMG_3487IMG_3482   IMG_3488 IMG_3492 IMG_3501    IMG_3509 IMG_3510 IMG_3521I tried to get one of them hugging…Pip always seems to move before I can get in the right spot… the other morning Cedi yelled out, “Mama!  All three sisters HUGGED at the SAME time!”


And here is my last self portrait of 2012!

On my ‘to do list’ for this week is pick my favorite pictures of 2012 and make the grandparents and myself of photo book of the girls.  I always wait until now because when I’m too close to the time of the pictures I tend to want to print them all…I’m sure you’ve noticed that, especially in the post above…



Happy New Years Eve from the Lapacek girls (and bear)!


QUESTION:  Do you like seeing the ‘fish eye’ circle or would you rather of me edited it out?

Superior Threads: A Project QUILTING Season 4 Sponsor

We’re at the less than a week moments before the first quilt challenge of Season 4 Project QUILTING is posted.  I am beyond excited.  I’m also beyond excited to introduce you to our first thread sponsor for Project QUILTING!

Let’s give a warm welcome to Superior Threads and learn a little bit more about some of the unique and fun things they offer!

I found the History of Superior thread really interesting and wanted to share it with you: 

Superior Threads began in 1998 as an at-home business by husband and wife duo, Bob and Heather Purcell.  Superior Threads was started out of the Purcell’s garage, and now spans over a 25,000 sq/ft facility in the red rocks of St. George, Utah.

Thread of the Month Clubs are very popular over at Superior Threads.
Club BenefitsrazzleDazzleRetailClub

  • No-price-increase Guarantee on your Club products

  • Free Shipping on monthly Club shipments, including add-on items (U.S. addresses)

  • Club Members-only sales

  • Choose from over 20 Clubs


As I was checking out Superior Threads’ site I also noticed a Block of the Month club.  I may have to try it out – you all know I’m a BOM Addict!

Deal of the Day offers a new item on sale every day.  I personally love these – I always love to see what kinds of deals are going on.  Since I got my ‘long’ arm I’ve been experimenting with different thread times and the ‘Deal of the Day’ has helped make this affordable for me!

Superior Threads also has a free twice-a-month educational e-mail newsletter.  To subscribe to read previous Newsletters: https://www.superiorthreads.com/newsletters/

Check out Superior Threads in the social world too!  Click the icons below and be sure to follow and like so you don’t miss anything!

~ It's on Android Available on the App Store ~

Sew Superior.... it's Guaranteed!


Superior Threads has graciously donated four $25 gift certifcates to their online store for various Project QUILTING Challenges!

Sunday Sewing Haiku

a quiet machine

end of the year bills to do

next reorganize

Fabricworm: A Project QUILTLING Season 4 Sponsor

Happy last Sunday of 2012!  Do you realize what that means?  Just ONE WEEK until the first Project QUILTING challenge for Season 4 goes up!  Wow!  I have a lot of cleaning and organizing to get done in my sewing room to be ready for that!  But it will – I’m so excited to have some challenges again!

Once again I’ve had some incredible people and companies step forward and donate some amazing prizes and sponsorship to Project QUILTING.  I want to make sure you all get to ‘meet’ the folks behind the generosity so I put together some mini interviews for them so I could share with you their amazing-ness!  First up – Fabricworm!


Today we’re going to meet Andrea from Fabricworm.  Below she answered a few questions for me.

Have you followed along with previous seasons of Project QUILTING or is this your first time?

This will be our first time and we are very excited to see all the beautiful creations!


Where do you find inspiration?

Like most people we find inspiration from our everyday lives... well that and Pinterest. :)


Do you have a favorite fabric line?  If so – what is it right now?

Oh that is such a hard question! timberandleaf  Right now I'm really loving Timber and Leaf by Sarah Watts.  It's got bears, foxes, and wood grain.  It had us at hello.

What is your favorite thing about the winter months?

I think the winter months are the best time for sewing.  Not only are we inspired to sew new blankets and bedding for the cold, but sewing for summer is great too!  We like to cozy up in our warm houses and really hunker down.  What better time to sew than winter?

Anything you’d like to share about your store with my readers please do so here:

Well we have a really great selection of modern, organic, and Japanese Import prints!  I think you'll find that we here at Fabricworm are very careful and specific with our buying.  We want everybody to know what to expect at Fabricworm.  Fabricworm is not that store that just buys anything and everything.  We really want to preserve our standards for quality and aesthetic.  We have a great team of staff who love fabric and are always willing to answer any and all questions.  Give us a browse at www.Fabricworm.com!


Find, follow and like Fabricworm on the social networks so you don’t miss anything!

And you can sign up for our weekly newsletter and other sale information on the left column of our homepage!  www.fabricworm.com

Fabricworm will be giving away FOUR fabric surprises to randomly drawn weekly challenge participants throughout Season 4 of Project QUILTING.  You can see the list of ALL the prizes by going to this post

Post Christmas Review

WOW!  We had a whirlwind of Christmas celebrations this year – just 8 in a 5 days.  Miraculously no one was sick and the girls were extremely well behaved (by day 6 you could tell they’d had enough – luckily it was time to head home).  Everyone was spoiled with TONS of gifts but I have to say – I was impressed with just how appreciative the girls were with everything they got.,  In general I would say it was a crafty, doll house, yoga Christmas.  Below I’m going to share some of the pictures of our holiday with you.  Some of the things they received or events that happened may need future stories to talk about them more in depth.  I would love to hear what you would all like to hear more about!

IMG_3206 a new art station for the girls!IMG_3234 Pip is coloring her godmother’s face.  Kim is happily letting her!IMG_3257We tried to get a picture of Great Grandma Lapacek with all the great grand kids…Pip wasn’t too cooperative.IMG_3273Pip and Cedi just chilling (Pip’s dress is from The Measure – LOVE it!) IMG_3277 Great Grandma Lapacek with her sons and grandkids.  IMG_3290 Pip, Cedi and Capri patiently wait to open their present from aunt Karma.IMG_3292 Pip’s new rocking chair!  Grandma fixed it up and made it cooler.  It was Pip’s dad before that and his Uncle’s before him!IMG_3299 The new doll house!  Yes – all the girls LOVED it!  Pip was too excited to turn around for the picture. IMG_3313 Pip’s peaking through the window in the doll house.

IMG_3315 Grandma gave Capri a vintage bunch bowl for her tea set collection.  IMG_3322 So…we had to have a tea party of course!IMG_3327 Pip even joined in the fun!IMG_3332 A huge hit this year was the Art Kits.  I got the idea from Julie Martin of Zozobug Baby!  I got totes for all three girls and then added a bunch of art supplies, ribbons, crayons, paints, etc and now the girls can create to their hearts content – and then put it all back in the tote.  IMG_3335 Well – that’s the theory anyway.IMG_3360 Santa brought Capri a tea set!  She was very happy!  IMG_3379The girls had a Yoga Christmas morning from Santa!IMG_3380  With yoga mats, kids yoga video’s, a yoga book and a yoga game.  We’ve already had yoga night and yoga fun!IMG_3386 Our last Christmas was with Grandma and Grandpa Van and Uncle Brian.  The girls LOVED all their gifts of puzzles, sewing machines, new outfits, books, art supplies and lots more!IMG_3389 Capri and Grandpa Van!IMG_3392 Cedi with her new United States puzzle.IMG_3406 Jared and the girls painted me a dresser for my closet!IMG_3407 Jared wrote the girls a book, “The Rainbow Pink Donkey” – definitely a future post to show this off!IMG_3426 My parents went on a cruise to Hawaii in November.  My mom surprised me and got me fabric from Hawaii!  So excited to find the prefect project for these!!!

**Photo’s missing from the Landwehr Christmas party and the Van Grunsven family party.

Project QUILTING Schedule of Prizes

Hi everyone!  I’m so excited to be sharing with you all the AMAZING prizes that will be randomly draw for Season 4 of Project QUILTING!  Each challenge that you complete a quilt for your name will be put into hat.  One of my three beautiful girls will draw a name randomly for each prize.  Below is the schedule of random prizes for the season.  Check back as more prizes and details are added!

***PLEASE NOTE!  The photo’s shown from the sponsors are just examples of the amazing items the shops are offering.  They are not necessarily the prize you are receiving if you win.***


Challenge 1

Sunday, January 6th: Challenge 1 Posted, Sunday, January 13th: Challenge 1 DUE

Monday, January 14th – Challenge 1 Prizes Winners Announced:


$20 to FabricFascination


Free Pattern from Studio Cherie for EVERYONE that enters the challenge


$25 to Superior Threads


Surprise fabric prize from Fabric Worm

Ribbons in the Sky 015 (Medium)

$30 off long arm quilting of baby quilt or larger from Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting


A Stash bag* from For Quilts Sake

dyecandy jewelry

Choice of neckalce or pin from Dye Candy

long arm quilting by quilts by barb


$25 off Long Arm Quilting from Quilts by Barb

Quilting Lodge


$20 to spend at Quilting Lodge!


Challenge 2

Sunday, January 20th: Challenge 2 Posted, Sunday, January 27th: Challenge 2 DUE

Monday, January 21st – Challenge 2 Prizes Winners Announced:


$20 to Fabrics N Quilts


$25 to Superior Threads

Imaginary Blooms

$30 off long arm quilting of baby quilt or larger from Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting


A Stash bag* from For Quilts Sake

dye candy scarf

Hand Dyed Scarf from Dye Candy

long arm quilting by quilts by barb

$25 off Long Arm Quilting from Quilts by Barb

quilting lodge 1

$20 to spend at Quilting Lodge!


Challenge 3


Sunday, February 3rd: Challenge 3 Posted, Sunday, February 10th: Challenge 3 DUE

Monday, February 4th – Challenge 3 Prizes Winners Announced:

st2this thread GLOWS IN THE DARK!  So cool!

$25 to Superior Threads


$20 to Fat Quarter Shop


Surprise fabric prize from Fabric Worm

Quilts Built by Imagination

$30 off long arm quilting of baby quilt or larger from Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting


A Stash bag* from For Quilts Sake

long arm quilting by quilts by barb

$25 off Long Arm Quilting from Quilts by Barb

dye candy yard

1 Yard of Hand Dyed Fabric from Dye Candy

quilting lodge 2

$20 to spend at Quilting Lodge!


Challenge 4


Sunday, February 17th:  Challenge 4 Posted, Sunday, February 24th: Challenge 4 DUE

Monday, February 18th – Challenge 4 Prizes Winners Announced:


$20 to FabricFascination


$25 to Superior Threads

long arm quilting by quilts by barb

$25 off Long Arm Quilting from Quilts by Barb


Surprise fabric prize from Fabric Worm

Streaming Stars

$30 off long arm quilting of baby quilt or larger from Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting


A Stash bag* from For Quilts Sake

dye candy wool

1/8 yard hand-dyed wool or $15 gift certificate from Dye Candy

quilting lodge 4

$20 to spend at Quilting Lodge!


Challenge 5

Sunday, March 3rd: Challenge 5 Posted, Sunday, March 10th: Challenge 5 DUE

Monday, March 4th – Challenge 5 Prizes Winners Announced:


$20 to Fabrics N Quilts

long arm quilting by quiltsbybarb

$25 off Long Arm Quilting from Quilts by Barb

Keep On Dreaming Quilt

$30 off long arm quilting of baby quilt or larger from Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting


A Stash bag* from For Quilts Sake

dye candy yard 2

1 yard of Hand-Dyed Fabric from Dye Candy

quilting lodge 3

$20 to spend at Quilting Lodge!


Challenge 6

Sunday, March 17th: Challenge 6 Posted, Sunday, March 24th: Challenge 6 DUE

Monday, March 18th – Challenge 6 Prizes Winners Announced:

$20 to Fat Quarter Shop


Surprise fabric prize from Fabric WormQuilts for a Cause 2011

$30 off long arm quilting of baby quilt or larger from Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting


A *Stash bag from For Quilts Sake

Quilting by Quilts by Barb

$25 off Long Arm Quilting from Quilts by Barb

dye candy sampler

24 dye cut 10"x10" pieces of hand dyed fabrics from Dye Candy

quilting lodge 5

$20 to spend at Quilting Lodge!


*Stash Bags - Each Embellishment Stash Bag includes three pieces of coordinated fabric totaling 3/8 yards, three coordinating yarns totaling approximately 300", 20 small beads, five focal beads, and two buttons.


Random winner announced on Wednesday, March 27th

At the end of the season your name will be entered into the hat for the randomly drawn GRAND PRIZE You can earn up to 7 entries this season – one for each challenge you complete (up to 6) and one bonus entry if you complete a quilt for all 6 challenges!

dye candy grand prize

$25 to spend at Dye Candy

Home Sweet Home Quilt - Finished

$50 off long arm quilting of baby quilt or larger from Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting


$20 to Fat Quarter Shop

Barb with her Home Sweet Home Quilt at Show N Tell

$50 gift certificate off registration to the 2013 Quilts by Barb Quilt Retreat


Goodie bag from Fabric.com including $25 gift certificate to their online store!

I hope you can join in the Quilting Challenge FUN!  Please remember – you can do any of the challenges and jump in at any time.  I completely understand that life gets busy, people get sick, kids get sick, machines need repairs, etc so if you just can’t make it work one week be sure to join in when you can!  (we’ve had several projects completed by hand…just saying…)

You don’t have to be an expert to participate in Project QUILTING!  We have had many beginners get their ‘wings’ and learn LOTS during these challenges!

Project QUILTING is meant to inspire creativity and help you actually complete projects!  I hope you can discover the magic of it just like I and many others have.
*some posts on this blog contain affiliate links to vendors such as Amazon - at no additional cost to you. The small amount of affiliate income I earn allows me to bring you free patterns and DIY tutorials, as well as pay for domain fees. For more information, please visit my Disclosure Statement and Advertising Policies page.