Architectural Elements – A Closer Look - Barn Bones

Since I’ve done ‘Closer Look’s’ at all the other quilts in the Project QUILTING challenge I figure I’d do one for the quilt I created as well.

On the other feature’s I typically showed the quilt and then the inspiration – on this post I’m going to show you how the quilt was created – starting with the inspiration.

Quilter: Kim’s Crafty Apple

‘Barn Bones’

Project QUILTING - Architectural Elements - INSPIRATIONAs soon as I saw the challenge was 'Architectural Elements' I thought about the barn that they'd been taking down for months just down the road from me. I mentioned to my DH that I needed to go take a picture of it for the challenge and he said they' started taking it down that day! Luckily I still snagged a few bone pictures - at least enough to still use it for my inspiration!

2012-01-10I created this 'Free form quilt' using the techniques I read bout it the book 'create your own free-form quilts' by Rayna Gillman.

I love the book and the concept behind the quilts in the book instantly. I love that it's completely free and you don't think as you create - exactly by method! Every piece in this quilt was found in my scrap bin. I can't wait to make another quilt like this with even more scraps! (I may have a few…see upper left corner photo…)


In the early stages of the piece…when it was basically just beige and a few little light blue and green my husband Jared looked at it and was like, “What are you making?  That doesn’t look like you at all!” (I’m not a neutral quilter).  I assured him not to worry and it would definitely end up being cool.  It kept growing bigger and bigger (on its own) so I finally just had to stop. At this point, I felt that it needed more dark brown (the 'barn bones') so I did some raw edge appliqué to add a bit more depth to the piece.

2012-01-13When it came to the quilting I also went with the free-form approach. I love how tight stitching looks and feels so I did that randomly, in different directions all over the piece. ENTRY - Project QUILTING - Architectural Elements Challenge - Barn Bones

I finished by binding with all different scraps found in the quilt.  The brown bits ‘stops’ the quilt while the colored/neutral leaves it feeling open – I think that it has a little of both fits this piece perfectly. 

Dimensions: 30" x 42.5"

Created in Poynette, WI


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  1. That quilt is absolutely amazing. I noticed its awesomeness on Flickr. .but now that you showed the process on here and all the photos it's awesomeness is even MORE obvious.
    Amazing job. .and concept!

  2. As always, yours is one of my favorites. I love old barns too.


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