Dear Persimoni Mae – 9 months


My sweet little Pip!  You turned 9 months yesterday!  I can’t believe how fast this time has gone.  You are so much fun right now!  AND you have your Papa completely wrapped around your finger. 

It’s impossible to leave you alone at this point since you move as fast as lightening in either a crawling motion or a bear crawl.  You can walk along furniture but when we put you behind a push toy you stubbornly sit right down on your bottom.  Sometimes you will let go of the couch or us and stand for a few seconds on your own.  I’m afraid that walking isn’t too far off…

Your hair is so long that I have to put in a cute and fun little pony tail on the top of your head. If I don’t it hangs out in your eyes and is wild and crazy. 

There are two teeth on the bottom gums but I won’t be surprised if a new one pops up soon.

You hate getting your diaper changed but if your older sisters clap for you – you start to calm down.  You truly hate getting your coat or snowsuit on but once it’s done it doesn’t take long for you to calm down.  Capri has also decided that your belly is the BEST for Herberts (I think they’re supposed to be called Zerbert’s but I messed it up when Cedi was little so in our family they are Herberts)

419844_10151195266325543_726195542_22570219_1055630583_nYou are a very good baby.  Happy and easy going.  So independent right now, I can only imagine how that will translate as you get older.  It’s a rare occasion for you to fall asleep in my arms or snuggle into my shoulder, but when those times do happen – it’s truly amazing!  Your innocence and beauty – they melt me.  I love you my dear, sweet, Persimoni Mae.  

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