Mystery Monday – Baffled in Belmont – Steps 18, 19, and 20

I know… I know…it’s technically a Mystery Tuesday post but in my defense I’ve been really sick this last week and I still managed to get TONS done for the 3rd Season of Project QUILTING and organize the Home Sweet Home Quilt Along!

Enough excuses…on with the quilt!

If you’re just tuning in to the Mystery Monday from the Quilts by Barb 2011 Quilt Retreat be sure to take a look a back at
Step 18.  Turn all squares so the sashing is on the bottom and lay out quilt according to diagram.   layout diagram
129 Here’s my quilt laid out on the floor at the retreat.  Man – was that a great feeling to see it there!
Starting in one corner, sew blocks together in diagonal rows.  Sew rows together to complete the quilt top.136
Step 19.  Trim the edges of the quilt. Using a long ruler, align the 1/2” line through the points along the edge of the quilt and cut off the excess.
***side note*** I can actually see my entire cutting table which means…I’ll be trimming my edges and sending my quilt to Barb soon!

Step 20.  Quilt and bind as desired.
Mine is not quite there yet…I promise I will share with you once I get to that point!
Thanks for following along!  I would love to see your quilt if you decided to make one too!

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