Outdated Technology – I need YOUR help!

One of the upcoming Spoonflower Fabric contests is:

Outdated technology

Create a fabric design dedicated to an outdated technology (think cassette tapes, vinyl, rotary phones, etc.). Preview will be sized at a fat quarter (21" x 18"). Deadline for entry is Tuesday, January 17.


I have some great photo’s of a vintage typewriter and I think they will make super cool fabric.  My question for you – which one should I enter!? (and I would also LOVE name suggestions…no idea how to name things…)


A. Type Linear


B. Strike A Key


C.  LC Smithkeys madness

D. Keys Madness type E. typesecretarial_2 F. Secretarial 2keys_3 G. Keys 3keys

H. Keys

I. Other – please leave me a comment on which one from my Type cast collection you like the best!


Let me know in the poll below what your favorite is!

Thanks so much for all your advice!


  1. I like C because it can be used as a whole, cut into a variety of squares, stripes, or borders.

  2. I liked A and E, then I took a second look and realized they were the same image, just at a wider angle for A. I chose E in the end. No ideas for names. I'm no good at names. Good luck! : )


Thank you for your comments! I do my best to reply but life sometimes gets in the way. I do read and appreciate each and every comment!

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