Persimoni and InfantSee

I heard about the InfantSEE program soon after I had my first daughter, Mercedi.  I’ve been able to utilize the program for all three of my girls.  383575_10151106793595543_726195542_22264301_1794490272_n Persimoni had her free InfantSEE visit at Essential Family Vision Care in DeForest last week.  We see Dr. Trixie Eakin and my girls ADORE her! 

From the InfantSEE website:

Assessments at six to twelve months of age can determine healthy development of vision. Early detection of eye conditions is the best way to ensure a baby has healthy vision for successful development-now and in the future.

There are many clinics that offer this visit for FREE – just click HERE to find a doctor near you!

Pip was assessed for her visual acuity, ocular motility, binocularity, refractive status, and ocular health.  She passed all with flying colors – no issues were seen at this time.  Now I don’t have to bring her in again unless I feel like something is off or before she starts 4K.  It was a laid back visit and most of the testing was done using toys. 

Cedi had her vision rechecked at this visit as well.  We went to see Dr. Trixie before she started 4K and her eyes were at fairly significant levels that may have effected her reading.  The doctor wasn’t too concerned yet but wanted to watch her to see how she progressed.  Little ones eyes change so quickly – they could have improved in sixth months time – and they did!  It does look like she’s starting to lean towards near-sightedness but it’s not to the point that she needs glasses yet.  This does not surprise me at all since Jared has bad eyes and I have really bad eyes! 

When it was time to leave the Eye Doctor both of my girls gave Dr. Eakin a HUGE hug!  If you’re in the DeForest area I strongly recommend going to see her – she’s a fantastic eye doctor!

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