What a Day

We’ve all (except Papa) been dealing with super fun pink eye since Christmas.  Well, I also added a cold onto the pink eye with a nasty sore throat on Wednesday.  I finally decided I couldn’t handle it anymore and went to urgent care today.  So – my nasty, horrible, terrible, no good sore throat was…an ear infection!  I’m hoping the antibiotics kick in soon and I start to feel better!

In meantime, Jared’s been off work since Friday for the New Year holiday and yes – we put up my new small throat long arm!  I still need to go take some lessons on loading the quilt in and using it but it’s UP!  009Woo Hoo!  What that means, in turn, is that I am completely rearranging my crafting area.  And I’m sure you all know that when you rearrange/reorganize you always make more of a mess before it gets better.  011Trust me when I say that it is quite impressive that I could even make more of a mess than I had.  I am so lucky to have Jared!  Just wait until I show you what he did to store the 8 boxes of carpet/upholstery sample books so that I can actually look through what I have to work with. 


Yup – there hanging on the walls as you walk down the stairs…

There were some really great moments with the girls today that I wanted to share with you all.

One – i was helping Cedi with her swirl art kit that she got for Christmas and when she was done she said, ‘Mama, you can blog about this.”

Capri was having a meltdown over something Cedi did and she said as she cried, “I am not happy right now.” *so adorable when she says this*

Pip – wow – I have so much to say about Pip.  One of the big things i realized today is no matter how crappy you feel or how cranky you are, if you just look at Pip or hang out with her for even a few seconds, you forget about all that and you smile.  She’s got such an amazing personality.  She hasn’t felt the best the last few days either but she still smiles, laughs and says ‘Ga Ga’.  (Cedi started calling her ‘Baby Ga Ga’ – I swear I didn’t start it!)  She is just truly incredible.058

She got into a bushel of golden delicious apples today that were waiting for drying and she managed to eat a decent amount of one – with just two tiny teeth!  But, boy was she happy! 

I hope to get to bed soon and wake up miraculously without my throat hurting…*fingers crossed*

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