2012 Prairie Heritage Quilt Show Challenge: The Mysterious Letter – Guess the Letter

033I wanted to show you my progress on my quilt for the Sun Prairie Heritage Quilt Show.  I really need to keep moving on this one as I have to have it delivered by March 1st. 

It’s time for you to guess what letter I am ‘hinting’ at in my quilt – there are definitely enough clues shown for you to figure it out!


  1. Is it "P"? Purple, pink, plaid, pinwheels, plus shape piecing?

  2. ...and polkadots and petals and maybe even pebbles...I'd have to guess P as well. This looks pretty cool.

  3. beautiful, love the pinwheels!
    gonna go along with the P.

  4. Also letter P - pastoral or peaceful or the farm, and the peace symbol, cross could stand for peace....great job!

  5. farm print mean P for pasture? ;-) Also, did I see "energy" in another language? I thought of wind Power, along with the pinwheels reminding me of windmills to generate wind power :-)


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