Sharing my Stash for a Chance to WIN

I haven’t posted my re-organzied studio yet but I couldn’t wait to show you my re-organized stash since there’s a great opportunity to WIN a fantastic prize over at the Quilting Gallery.


So…here it goes!

I organized 19 caramel apple buckets, a shoe box and a grocery bag of scraps into clear containers by color, them or pattern (stripes and polka dots).

Fabric Scraps organized by color Here you can see the ‘rainbow’ of fabrics I have – super easy now to pull what color’s I’m looking to use instead of cutting into a new piece of fabric.  Larger totes of fabric

My Christmas fabric, stripes and browns went into slightly larger plastic containers since I had more of them.

fabricMy larger cuts of fabric I have organized mostly by color (the top three shelves).  The bottom shelve here has my novelty prints, really colorful fabric, solids, and possible backing fabric.fabricThis side of the shelving unit continues the organization by color (bottom three shelves) with the top shelf having holiday prints, novelty prints, and black and whites.  This is the most organized my fabric has EVER been…I’m hoping to keep it this way at least for a little while… my quilting library!

So, this isn’t my fabric stash – it’s all my books and magazines on quilting.  There’s another giveaway if you comment on this blog post on how you organize your ‘quilting library’ if you’re interested.  And come on, who’s not interested in winning something?


  1. I have major stash envy Kim. Your fabrics are fabulous! My scraps need help .. I have a system but it takes too long to keep it up to date. Need a better system! LOl

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. oooh! 'stash envy' ;-) now I understand what that means LOL


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