Thread Storage – Studio Organizational Series at the Quilting Gallery

The next article in the Studio Organizational Series for the Learning Center with Pat Sloan is on Thread Storage.   I have DEFINITELY altered my methods for thread storage this year. 


Above is one of my ‘before’ studio pictures – you can see every thing was a mess.  At my apple orchard we make the BEST caramel apples you will ever have which means we go through buckets of caramel each apple season.  It turns out caramel apple buckets were a good storage solution for me for awhile.  I stored lots of things in them including my thread cones.  It was great for traveling to retreats BUT a pain to have to open lids of each bucket to see what was in each one so I am no longer using them for thread in my ‘new’ room (I am still using them for jewelry supplies – properly labeled of course)!. 

thread and basting sprayI’m storing most of my taller thread in this shelving unit – which used to be a vanity cabinet in our old house.  (If you go through our new house you’ll see that we utilized as much as we could from our old house to supplement the new – ie – the cupboards and countertops in the commercial kitchen, all the cupboards/cabinets in my quilting room, cabinets in the girls bathroom (there was tons of wasted space and I have three girls – give us as much storage as possible for them!).  If we could save it and use it – we did!) thread

This is a storage unit my husband had created for my paint bottles along time ago.  I still paint but not as much as I sew so I’ve converted this into a thread storage as well.  I love that I can just stand back and look and see what color I want to use.  AND it’s pretty too!


If you have some great thread storage solutions be sure to check out THIS POST to see how you can win some fun goodies!

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