Valentine’s Day is TOMORROW!

Have you found the perfect gift yet?  It’s a little late to order anything (well – you technically could still order something – just print a picture out of it so you can at least give them an ‘IOU’ picture) so now we have to start thinking even more creatively!  What can YOU do in just a day to make Valentine’s super special for your sweetheart?


If I do say so myself, I am the queen of great gift ideas – here’s three great options off the top of my head.

First Idea: Wake up early (and in my case it would have to be super early since Jared goes to work at like 5am) and make THESE:

Source: via Kim on Pinterest


Cinnamon Roll Pancakes!  Seriously!  Amazing!!! I made these for Jared for Father’s Day and he said it was the ‘Best breakfast he’s ever had’.  (and that is something because his mom is a really good cook!  I mean – really good!)

Second Idea: Make a quick stop and get some chocolates or your sweethearts favorite candy.  Make an extra wrapping for it and inside write a sweet note about how much you love them or something special you remember that you may not have thought about for awhile.  I would hide this somewhere that they would find it randomly during the day – like a lunch box so it brings a smile to their face. 

Third Idea:  What does your sweetheart like to do that they don’t get to very much anymore for one reason or another (or three).  You could make a coupon for this activity but I think a better thing would be to plan it for them in the next week or so.  Contact their buddies and make a ‘guys night date’ for your hubby, or tell him that on Saturday – he gets the entire day to cut wood (yes, this would be a dream for my husband), or rent a movie that you normally wouldn’t but know he would love.  Really think about what he may be missing and then make sure it happens!


Hope these help and you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


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