2012 Prairie Heritage Quilt Show Challenge: The Mysterious Letter "P”

Yup – all of you guessed right!  My quilt is pointing to the letter “P”.  I managed to finish it by the deadline – whew – and even delivered it with 24 hours to spare!

The Mysterious Letter P

Unfortunately I was only able to quickly snag a picture of the quilt finished and of course it’s an indoor picture so not the best…  I am super happy with how the 3 dimensional pinwheels turned out.  For their centers, I covered buttons with fabric to create the look you see here.  I did a straight line ‘ray’ quilting on this piece.  I didn’t want to do too much to take away from everything going on in it already. 

So…when I grabbed my challenge pack I didn’t just grab one – I grabbed two.  My mother-in-law also made a ‘Mysterious Letter’ Quilt.  Can you figure out which letter was her inspiration?

Diane Lapacek's Quilt for the The Mysterious Letter Quilt Challenge

Have I ever mentioned that I think someone should really hire Diane to write a book on how to do borders – hers are always so fabulous! Diane Lapacek's Quilt for the The Mysterious Letter Quilt Challenge Diane Lapacek's Quilt for the The Mysterious Letter Quilt Challenge

Let me know in a comment below what letter you think it is and what clues you found pointing to the letter!


To see these quilts and many more works of art in person be sure to stop by the Prairie Heritage Quilt Show May 6th through the 8th in Sun Prairie, WI. 


  1. Wow! Both of the quilts turned out beautifully! My guess for Diane's quilt is the letter F...

    I love the prairie points too!

  2. I don't know but I also don't know how you find time to do all these quilts, have little ones, run an orchard..how do you do it all?


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